Thursday, November 17, 2011

first session of the second floating tryings

finally the time has come to push the rec button  for the first time this year. the staff is just fantastic, that is really what i think/oh by the way, which one is pink? in order to avoid this type of questions tune in this friday, 11 pm, 18th of november, to find out who is who, what became of the likely lads, if the winter is coming on, and whether it is worth to start thinking about hibernating.

to cut the ‘musical interlude’ short, meet mr. giorgi, pursuing a ba in one of the trendiest jacobs’majors, coming from georgia, playing drums for you at the porters’ gig, the previous spring, playing rugby when you are having lunch, playing guitar when you are coming home drunk from the otherside, and hosting different people and songs for floating upon the surface for the birds. 

 prepare!, for the show is coming on soon.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

guess what ?!

although we have promised that we will continue the show during the spring semester' 11, we failed to keep to our words. truth being told, there were some organizational misunderstandings. us, the lazy-bones, would have wanted to get back, but the semester kicked off with its courses and assignments. thus we had to postpone the opportunity of getting dizzy, talking to people that are interesting to us and playing the guitar for far more better days. and now it looks like it is the time!

chance has turned its sexy ass back towards us: there is a new radio club on campus- Radio Achtung!, a new host to be introduced (see the updated hostages), some new songs to be played and new people to talk to. needless to say that we were missing the nice fridays.

the time and place will be announced in the course of next week. 
this time and place they just won't tie us down anymore.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

list(en)ing back and forth a jacobs tape

there was not much time in december. sir antonio was struggling with his thesis, preparing for the final finals, making plans for the future, gathering his belonging, and sleeping now and then. his harmonica was bleeding from rust... i had some heavy-loaded two weeks in which my sole occupations were to go to classes, study, work and sleep here and there. we forgot about guitar, music, our favorite bands, youtube, tv series/movies, alcohol, the ladies that we loved but did not respond, the ladies that we didn't love, the ladies with whom we were jerks or who were bitchy with us, our sad solitude loving right-hand that accompanied us while watching a porn, sport, diets, health, friends from home, home(though it seemed to be so near), our radio show...  and we are very sorry for the latter.

but do not worry about it being so sad. we had our crazy night when going to a gogol bordello gig in cologne, drinking all the way along the rails, smoking in the db toilets, befriending some german who would pay for our trip, pretending to be scholarly sober in front of anton's parents, enjoying the awesome food that his Mother would cook for us, arriving too late for the show and realizing it's been sold out, but, nevertheless,entering the club through a fence, sweating, screaming and moshing paying attention not to step or hit the cautious old germans dispersed all over the perimeter, going back home, going to sleep, but still working on the thesis, drinking all the way back along the rails, smoking in the db toilets, scaring a teenage girl and a guy from the reise zentrum by telling him that we are deeply in love with lena meyer and that it all started when she looked at us through the tv tube with a sexual gaze, and that she does not respond to our letters, and that we would like to jump in front of a train because of that, and that we were wondering what is the best gleis to jump in order not to cause any major schedule disturbance for db, lastly, laughing over it with the guy. we arrived in bremen dead.

afterwards i became all too nostalgic... but i have a reason for that. sir antonio would not be at jacobs anymore. we improvised a  party, changed sweaters as a token of our borderless love for each other, kissed and cried, invited mariya from the first floor of c3 or finland in order not to feel that we had another sausage party and then i went home with this in my headphones.

holidays were as usual. you always plan to do a lot of interesting things that you had in mind when there was no time for anything but duty, but then you suddenly fall in love with other people or things or trifles. however, we have listened to a lot of gogol bordello(because it reminded us of ourselves), tom waits would sometimes make it rain or tempt us to acquire that bourbon voice, go through the funnel of love with anybody that would debate mussolini vs stalin, sang, drawn and were lucky to read  milo manara comics, spend the new year with some awesome 'n' very ecology-driven romanians, watched the pied piper of hutzovina, some good old movies, but were disappointed by depp's or cassel/portman's last performance, worried about holiday assignments, enjoyed the fuck you very much blog, fell in love for the third time with mars volta, omar rodriguez and john frusciante, re-joined a band(be it in bremen or cologne) and started studying/looking for a job.

as for the show... we will do it. hooray! sergio and his accordion will join us on a permanent basis. the date of the first show is to be announced.

looking forward to be back...

Friday, November 26, 2010

no show tonight...

although we stated that we will prove in every show of ours that 'jacobs is something more than studying', today we have failed. for the both of us jacobs is only reading and writing at the moment. sorry for the disappointment.
however, do not forget to tune next friday. there will be something awesome.
enjoy the evening...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

birds fly south in autumn

the floating surface for the birds is sad today. our beloved sound-manager,Vitya, has left his position for a better job in the south of germany. with tears in his eyes, with a trembling voice he said: "good-bye" at 5 am. raising his head from the dreamful pillow, sir antonio fa caldo told him: "wtf man... it's 5 o'clock ?!". but then he realized, and then i realized and afterwards everybody...
we'll miss you, Vitya!
best of luck in your future endeavours...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


this evening was full of surprises not only because of our guest, who just by her presence saved our listeners from being forced to float upon sandu's and my life stories with some neurotically distressed tunes in the background, but also because of some snacks which we found in the radio studio.

it was a pleasure to talk to Yulia. no need to mention that without her, the songs, we thought we played decently, would sound much worse and the songs we played well,.. would sound well anyway.

special thanks goes to irena, a professional ancient greek photographer from milan, who immortalized our sound manager's passion for guitar, rap, wasabi and big headphones.

here it is. the late night show with miss Yulia Trostyanskaya.
later we played some russian and not only russian songs. 
the outcome will be soon available as a record. meanwhile, you can listen to it here.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


to be frank we did not know whom we should invite as a guest for our meeting. many a name has popped up into our minds: some admin guys, club leaders, even the porters(in fact, that would be interesting)... but somehow they failed to ring the bell or our guitar strings.

looking back, we had two graduate students talking about the different paths one could choose after that wonder-tent gets down, a student-actor, and a professor-musician. it felt like we needed to refresh our minds and the best way to do it was to invite a freshie. beyond getting nostalgic, i think that it might be an intriguing experience since the article 'college in the eyes of a freshman' has drawn our attention upon some intereting facts. finally, what can be more relieving than a talk at the break of dawn especially when watching the glooming teenage stars and facing the light of adulthood? 

so, meet miss Yulia Trostyanskaya, exchange student at henry sibley senior high school(us), graduate of voronezh high school, sometimes volunteer, english teacher, photographer, artist, singer; but here, just pursuing a bachelor of science in physics class of 2013.
leave this academic factory for a while and follow us on pledari's gro(u)nds...
p.s. a jam session will follow shortly after the show. we will be playing some russian songs.