Thursday, November 17, 2011

first session of the second floating tryings

finally the time has come to push the rec button  for the first time this year. the staff is just fantastic, that is really what i think/oh by the way, which one is pink? in order to avoid this type of questions tune in this friday, 11 pm, 18th of november, to find out who is who, what became of the likely lads, if the winter is coming on, and whether it is worth to start thinking about hibernating.

to cut the ‘musical interlude’ short, meet mr. giorgi, pursuing a ba in one of the trendiest jacobs’majors, coming from georgia, playing drums for you at the porters’ gig, the previous spring, playing rugby when you are having lunch, playing guitar when you are coming home drunk from the otherside, and hosting different people and songs for floating upon the surface for the birds. 

 prepare!, for the show is coming on soon.

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