Tuesday, October 11, 2011

guess what ?!

although we have promised that we will continue the show during the spring semester' 11, we failed to keep to our words. truth being told, there were some organizational misunderstandings. us, the lazy-bones, would have wanted to get back, but the semester kicked off with its courses and assignments. thus we had to postpone the opportunity of getting dizzy, talking to people that are interesting to us and playing the guitar for far more better days. and now it looks like it is the time!

chance has turned its sexy ass back towards us: there is a new radio club on campus- Radio Achtung!, a new host to be introduced (see the updated hostages), some new songs to be played and new people to talk to. needless to say that we were missing the nice fridays.

the time and place will be announced in the course of next week. 
this time and place they just won't tie us down anymore.

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