Thursday, November 18, 2010


to be frank we did not know whom we should invite as a guest for our meeting. many a name has popped up into our minds: some admin guys, club leaders, even the porters(in fact, that would be interesting)... but somehow they failed to ring the bell or our guitar strings.

looking back, we had two graduate students talking about the different paths one could choose after that wonder-tent gets down, a student-actor, and a professor-musician. it felt like we needed to refresh our minds and the best way to do it was to invite a freshie. beyond getting nostalgic, i think that it might be an intriguing experience since the article 'college in the eyes of a freshman' has drawn our attention upon some intereting facts. finally, what can be more relieving than a talk at the break of dawn especially when watching the glooming teenage stars and facing the light of adulthood? 

so, meet miss Yulia Trostyanskaya, exchange student at henry sibley senior high school(us), graduate of voronezh high school, sometimes volunteer, english teacher, photographer, artist, singer; but here, just pursuing a bachelor of science in physics class of 2013.
leave this academic factory for a while and follow us on pledari's gro(u)nds...
p.s. a jam session will follow shortly after the show. we will be playing some russian songs.

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