Saturday, November 13, 2010


dear listeners,
you can download and listen to the recorded version of our fourth meeting here. now, to give you an overview... it was a real pleasure for us to have Aidan as our guest. the interesting "mélange" that his personality incroporates, namely: the always agitated spirit of entrepreneurship, the calmness and harmony of a yoga practitioner and the zest for musical exploration, was the main source of inspiration for our dialogue. for sure, the result is to be taken home, reviewed and learned from.
not to mention, the songs that he played.
as usually, sir anton was great while playing the guitar and the poor little harmonica. there wasn't much for me to do. just enjoying the music and clapping on my lap trying to imitate the rhythm.

the show was followed by a short jam session. unfortunately, our sound manager, leoncik, was on some business trip somewhere over the rainbow, in hawaii. so the fools of us were playing over the pledari grond tunes. we promise a more professional attitude next time ;)
the floating guys...

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