Wednesday, November 3, 2010

3rd meeting

we have talked sufficiently about the possibilities you might consider after graduation. hopefully it was of some help to you. however, the lesson to be taken home is how to make the path you choose more interesting, more fun, more live-like. after all 'jacobs is something more than studying'.

the third meeting is the place where we will talk about art(music, acting, cinema, literature) and how does it help us balance our studies. for a first grasp on that you might consider tessa's show 'i want to be plastic' or george's idea(the president of the art club) of adding an artistic touch to your room.

in our turn, we will talk about theater, stanislavsky's or mihail checkov's acting systems, father ibsen's cold country, where sir anton is now; ionesco's absurdistan, getting you throat dried and lips barely moving when curtain's open. this would make sense since last weekend we had a tremendous three-in-a-row show offered to us by the guys enrolled in the theater space. this would make sense since we'll have dragos mihai-  integrated social studies '11- with us.
  check out your radio waves and the  piper will lead you to reason ...

p.s. for those interested in the outcome of the mercator cheer-up check out the video . ooof, it was noisy, weird and dark :(  thanks to sergiu and his masterful play on the accordion everything went well.

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