Friday, October 22, 2010

how was your first time?

now, of course it was funny when Kathleen asked four guys whether it was our 'first time' or when Anton played some spanish themes while the rest of us danced and clapped and she and Constantin were reading some porn dialogue. by the way, meet Kathleen and the guy from belgium who likes the white stripes and the dead weather:
then we began the show, killing a bottle of wine and reading from the script because that is the only way one can be confident in himself when he does it for 'the first time'. the songs were ok-ish, but the interaction quite poor. we should think of a better set-up. nevertheless, it was a great experience: laughs, boots flying, kinky suggestions, gay trumpet and dizziness, then taking the tape home and listening to it, identifying lots of faults, learning our lesson...
however, all that  just made us look forward for the next show.

now, not to forget,
special thanks to our sound manager- Vitya 'Leonid':

without him we would have surfed on the radio-waves like blind-men. Costea should also be mentioned. Great patience, great voice and enough imagination to fill with words a whole hour:
well, Sir Anton deserves his title "from the queen of england to the hounds of hell". his majesty was excellent tonight...
and the rest, damn it!... the rest was worth having:

stay tuned...

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