Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2nd meeting

student:"i can't pay, i can't pay ya, no way!"
fin_aid :"now, now why don't you get a job?"

we shall leave the "eternal student" perspective and go after a more practical one- getting a full-time job after graduating- in the hope to complete the input for your decision making process. now, we take a look at the reasons for becoming an employee, ways to find a job on the ashes of the economical crisis, employee life, changing jobs, the extent to which a company is willing to invest money and time into a graduate, knowledge management programs and many many more. at the end, the idea is to rub both of the options with some salt, hang them on the wire and when the nice graduation tent is set you will be picking one of this fishes and enjoy them with a pint of becks.

our next guest, Vitalie Patrinica, class of 2009, with two smoking major-wise barrels resting in his chest,  wll try to shed some light on the practical view. 

meet him on pledari grond this friday...

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