Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1st meeting

some of us draw the line and say that they are sick of jacobs even after the first semester. not to mention the cases where boredom takes over starting immediately after the o-week. it's normal. there are lots and lots of  paths that bring you to the same conclusion- maybe you have a guinea-pig major, you are homesick, there's a nice piece of your heart that you left/lost in hometown, your friends are far away, this place is not the fairytale that you have imagined while applying, 'look at the sunny weather in all of their picture! such a lie...','if not for this engagement, i could have done many many many many many much, but really much, more interesting things',  'these mofos have harnessed me to this loan', 'i'm sick of the same faces i see every now and then at the disco' et cetera.

on the other hand, there are people that have done their bachelor, masters and afterwards are even pursuing their doctoral degree here. why is that? how did they manage to overcome this simple, above mentioned, rationale?

we will talk about this with our guest: Constantin Jucovschi.
meet him this friday...

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