Friday, November 26, 2010

no show tonight...

although we stated that we will prove in every show of ours that 'jacobs is something more than studying', today we have failed. for the both of us jacobs is only reading and writing at the moment. sorry for the disappointment.
however, do not forget to tune next friday. there will be something awesome.
enjoy the evening...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

birds fly south in autumn

the floating surface for the birds is sad today. our beloved sound-manager,Vitya, has left his position for a better job in the south of germany. with tears in his eyes, with a trembling voice he said: "good-bye" at 5 am. raising his head from the dreamful pillow, sir antonio fa caldo told him: "wtf man... it's 5 o'clock ?!". but then he realized, and then i realized and afterwards everybody...
we'll miss you, Vitya!
best of luck in your future endeavours...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


this evening was full of surprises not only because of our guest, who just by her presence saved our listeners from being forced to float upon sandu's and my life stories with some neurotically distressed tunes in the background, but also because of some snacks which we found in the radio studio.

it was a pleasure to talk to Yulia. no need to mention that without her, the songs, we thought we played decently, would sound much worse and the songs we played well,.. would sound well anyway.

special thanks goes to irena, a professional ancient greek photographer from milan, who immortalized our sound manager's passion for guitar, rap, wasabi and big headphones.

here it is. the late night show with miss Yulia Trostyanskaya.
later we played some russian and not only russian songs. 
the outcome will be soon available as a record. meanwhile, you can listen to it here.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


to be frank we did not know whom we should invite as a guest for our meeting. many a name has popped up into our minds: some admin guys, club leaders, even the porters(in fact, that would be interesting)... but somehow they failed to ring the bell or our guitar strings.

looking back, we had two graduate students talking about the different paths one could choose after that wonder-tent gets down, a student-actor, and a professor-musician. it felt like we needed to refresh our minds and the best way to do it was to invite a freshie. beyond getting nostalgic, i think that it might be an intriguing experience since the article 'college in the eyes of a freshman' has drawn our attention upon some intereting facts. finally, what can be more relieving than a talk at the break of dawn especially when watching the glooming teenage stars and facing the light of adulthood? 

so, meet miss Yulia Trostyanskaya, exchange student at henry sibley senior high school(us), graduate of voronezh high school, sometimes volunteer, english teacher, photographer, artist, singer; but here, just pursuing a bachelor of science in physics class of 2013.
leave this academic factory for a while and follow us on pledari's gro(u)nds...
p.s. a jam session will follow shortly after the show. we will be playing some russian songs.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


dear listeners,
you can download and listen to the recorded version of our fourth meeting here. now, to give you an overview... it was a real pleasure for us to have Aidan as our guest. the interesting "mélange" that his personality incroporates, namely: the always agitated spirit of entrepreneurship, the calmness and harmony of a yoga practitioner and the zest for musical exploration, was the main source of inspiration for our dialogue. for sure, the result is to be taken home, reviewed and learned from.
not to mention, the songs that he played.
as usually, sir anton was great while playing the guitar and the poor little harmonica. there wasn't much for me to do. just enjoying the music and clapping on my lap trying to imitate the rhythm.

the show was followed by a short jam session. unfortunately, our sound manager, leoncik, was on some business trip somewhere over the rainbow, in hawaii. so the fools of us were playing over the pledari grond tunes. we promise a more professional attitude next time ;)
the floating guys...

Thursday, November 11, 2010


your leisure time... it always sounds great, but rarely do we make perfect sense of it. there are many options you can concur with your schedule and imagination. you can go for: ' the otherside', down town, rock'n'rolling in the music room, dancing at the ground floor of nordmetall, stretching your mind and body during the yoga club meeting, thai kick-boxing, working out hard at the gym, swimming, asking yourself what? where? or when?, or just inventing a holiday like the international day of the custom-house officer and erase the boundaries worldwide with the rubber-taste of alcohol and some friends in your room. lots of options, not much time...

looking back at how you have spent it, you often say regretfully: "i could have done this and that instead of...". how to better combine your spare time with the daily routine? how to do it after you graduate? how to turn a hobby into a profession? pure decision making...

meet our guest- Dr. Aidan Boyle: graduate from  Dublin City University, Irelend, with a degree in Analytical Science and PhD from the Europeam Synchotron Radiation Facilitie, France, putting it simply, PhD in Chemistry and Masters in Music Technology; the mind behind the Body & Soul Experince both in Brazil and Ireland(read more here, there, and everywhere); Business and Life Coach; professor at Jacobs University for the masters course Decision Making in Management and Engineering; that 'walking around irish guy' that everybody on campus seems to know...
grab your little cream soda  jacobs, we'll get bluesy tonight...
p.s.: a jam session will follow shortly after midnight. so stay tuned.

Friday, November 5, 2010


dear listners,
here's the link from where you can download the show from november 5th, 2010. what can i say, in my opinion it was the finest thing we have done so far. so i guess we are on the very track we intended from the start.
thanks a lot to dragos, our guest, to gabi and traian that have joined us just for the fun of it, for sergiu who has done an awesome job on his accordion, and sir antonio fa caldo who sent us a fantastic feature report from norway.
 don't forget to join us next friday...
Best regards,
Floating upon the surface for the birds team ;)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

3rd meeting

we have talked sufficiently about the possibilities you might consider after graduation. hopefully it was of some help to you. however, the lesson to be taken home is how to make the path you choose more interesting, more fun, more live-like. after all 'jacobs is something more than studying'.

the third meeting is the place where we will talk about art(music, acting, cinema, literature) and how does it help us balance our studies. for a first grasp on that you might consider tessa's show 'i want to be plastic' or george's idea(the president of the art club) of adding an artistic touch to your room.

in our turn, we will talk about theater, stanislavsky's or mihail checkov's acting systems, father ibsen's cold country, where sir anton is now; ionesco's absurdistan, getting you throat dried and lips barely moving when curtain's open. this would make sense since last weekend we had a tremendous three-in-a-row show offered to us by the guys enrolled in the theater space. this would make sense since we'll have dragos mihai-  integrated social studies '11- with us.
  check out your radio waves and the  piper will lead you to reason ...

p.s. for those interested in the outcome of the mercator cheer-up check out the video . ooof, it was noisy, weird and dark :(  thanks to sergiu and his masterful play on the accordion everything went well.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


unfortunately, this friday i will not be able to accompany sandu, since i will be on a quest in norway visiting my seagull uncles:Au-AU-AUUUU!, but who says it is a problem to communicate over land and sea when we are floating on the same waves?! long talk short, be waiting...

this friday...

six words. nothing to add...

...with a small delay, due to unexpected events, comes the recording of the second session. download it from here: session_2.mp3 or listen to it from there: session_2.mp3.
of course, all of your thoughtful, sharp, sensitive comments and wishes have been incorporated. so, this session is perfect. da capo al fine. no room for improvement. we die...just kidding.
as usually, we will be floating upon next friday at  eleven p.m.  

radio cheer-up

there will be a nice 'cheer up!' in mercator college tomorrow starting from 9 o'clock. the pledari ground staff will be serving cupcakes topped with live music performances and lots of interesting people, residents of the area just beside the microphone on the third floor of  the Student Activity Center, to meet. you will be granted the chance to enjoy your evening and find out more about jacobs' radio club.
come'n'eat us...

Friday, October 29, 2010


only six words about today's show: "out here we WAS stoned immaculate".
bless jim  for his sad and alleviating "lost tapes in paris". now open your window woman of palestine and cover us over. just listen to this. ;)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2nd meeting

student:"i can't pay, i can't pay ya, no way!"
fin_aid :"now, now why don't you get a job?"

we shall leave the "eternal student" perspective and go after a more practical one- getting a full-time job after graduating- in the hope to complete the input for your decision making process. now, we take a look at the reasons for becoming an employee, ways to find a job on the ashes of the economical crisis, employee life, changing jobs, the extent to which a company is willing to invest money and time into a graduate, knowledge management programs and many many more. at the end, the idea is to rub both of the options with some salt, hang them on the wire and when the nice graduation tent is set you will be picking one of this fishes and enjoy them with a pint of becks.

our next guest, Vitalie Patrinica, class of 2009, with two smoking major-wise barrels resting in his chest,  wll try to shed some light on the practical view. 

meet him on pledari grond this friday...

Friday, October 22, 2010


here is the recording of tonight's session - link. if you experience any problems with
downloading the file, please, let us know.

how was your first time?

now, of course it was funny when Kathleen asked four guys whether it was our 'first time' or when Anton played some spanish themes while the rest of us danced and clapped and she and Constantin were reading some porn dialogue. by the way, meet Kathleen and the guy from belgium who likes the white stripes and the dead weather:
then we began the show, killing a bottle of wine and reading from the script because that is the only way one can be confident in himself when he does it for 'the first time'. the songs were ok-ish, but the interaction quite poor. we should think of a better set-up. nevertheless, it was a great experience: laughs, boots flying, kinky suggestions, gay trumpet and dizziness, then taking the tape home and listening to it, identifying lots of faults, learning our lesson...
however, all that  just made us look forward for the next show.

now, not to forget,
special thanks to our sound manager- Vitya 'Leonid':

without him we would have surfed on the radio-waves like blind-men. Costea should also be mentioned. Great patience, great voice and enough imagination to fill with words a whole hour:
well, Sir Anton deserves his title "from the queen of england to the hounds of hell". his majesty was excellent tonight...
and the rest, damn it!... the rest was worth having:

stay tuned...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1st meeting

some of us draw the line and say that they are sick of jacobs even after the first semester. not to mention the cases where boredom takes over starting immediately after the o-week. it's normal. there are lots and lots of  paths that bring you to the same conclusion- maybe you have a guinea-pig major, you are homesick, there's a nice piece of your heart that you left/lost in hometown, your friends are far away, this place is not the fairytale that you have imagined while applying, 'look at the sunny weather in all of their picture! such a lie...','if not for this engagement, i could have done many many many many many much, but really much, more interesting things',  'these mofos have harnessed me to this loan', 'i'm sick of the same faces i see every now and then at the disco' et cetera.

on the other hand, there are people that have done their bachelor, masters and afterwards are even pursuing their doctoral degree here. why is that? how did they manage to overcome this simple, above mentioned, rationale?

we will talk about this with our guest: Constantin Jucovschi.
meet him this friday...